Sunday, November 21, 2010

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James Bond

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Clarke Reynolds spent more than ten hours in the tattooist's chair getting his two favourite Bonds – Sir Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan – put on his thighs. The 27-year-old had expected a bit of needle from friends and his mother but few were surprised.
'Now I've had them done my mum thinks they're great,' said the marked man. The graduate's link with Bond is rooted in his family – the submarine his father served on appeared in The Spy Who Loved Me, starring Sir Roger Moore.
'Dad used to tell that story a lot,' said the movie fan from Portsmouth.
The infatuation grew and he spent last week watching the entire Bond back catal­ogue ahead of the release of the latest instalment, Quantum Of Solace.
Mr Reynolds is now debating whether to have a tattoo of Daniel Craig.
'There's no room left on my legs so I'll have to decide where to put it,' he said.